Car Insurance Resources

Here are some more car insurance resources that can help you save. can give you a list of local insurance authorities. For example, if you live in California, you can find the CA agency that deals with insurance. They have state-by-state listings, making it easy to find your local agency.

The FCIC (Federal Information Center) also offers great tips for saving on your auto insurance. They offer nine different ways for you to trim your costs. It's a very simple informational guide.

Insurance Information Institute ( is another site that offer great tips and articles to help Americans bring there insurance costs down and to also have a better understanding of the process.

All three of these site are great resources about insurance and can help you a great deal. So take advantage of them... they are free after all. Now it's time to move on to sites where you can get a quote.

Other Sites Where You Can Apply Online allows you to easily apply online and get a quote from them. Site is fairly easy to use and navigate. is another site you can use to get quotes. They are another well established national company. rounds out our list of other companies where you can either get more information or apply on the web.

There are other worthy sites but these are our top three third party car insurance resources.