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Is It Time to Switch Insurers in Your State?

If you have been with your car insurance agent for years without checking out the competition, now might be the time to consider a change. Even if you decide not to make a switch, shopping around doesn't hurt; you might even be able to talk your agent into getting you a more preferred rate if you mention that you are thinking about moving to another provider.

If you notice that your auto insurer keeps jacking up the rates for no apparent reason, now could be the ideal time to shop for a better rate.

Keep in mind that your rate reflects several different factors, including the cost of doing business, so your rates may go up even if you haven't had a ticket an accident. Here are some other common situations that may cause your rates to increase:

  • There have been a lot of recent claims in your area
  • You have had a claim, even if it was for glass repair
  • You have used your emergency roadside assistance coverage
  • Your credit score has gone down
  • Your age has moved you into a new rating category
  • Your company is trying to cover an increase in operating expenses

Regardless of the reason for an increase in rates, your agent should be willing to discuss ways to lower your bill. If not, or your agent is difficult to reach, you might think about changing insurance agents.

While having insurance agents that you can talk to face-to-face in a local office might make you more comfortable, being able to reach someone when you need help is even more important when it comes to insurance. There are several other reasons to consider changing insurers in addition to availability and rates. Here are some questions to ask yourself when determining if it is time to cut the cord:

  • Does your agent proactively look for discounts that you may qualify for?
  • Are your agent's office hours convenient for you?
  • Does your agent have an emergency contact number you can call?
  • Do you believe your insurer is truly honest?
  • Does your company contact respond to questions in a timely manner?

If your answers to the questions above are mostly no, changing auto insurance firms could be a good move for you. While shopping around, make sure you have your insurance policy handy so you can compare the same coverage options; sometimes a good rate is only a good rate because it covers less.

Naturally, the best combination would be getting better prices and superb service from your chosen company. And all of this can be attained no matter which state you currently live in or plan on moving to. So take your time doing your research and don't settle for the status quo. Better car insurance rates in your state are out there, you just have to be willing to go out and find them.

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