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With a minor tweak to your buying process and a little discipline, you can get cheap car insurance in California. By tweaking the way you go about getting competitive quotes from an insurer, you can literally put hundreds of dollars more in your bank account every year.

And all you have to do to accomplish that is to analyze rates online.

By analyzing offers online, you're able to compare more quotes from more companies in a shorter amount of time. In other words, it's faster and easier to do online. Comparing is the tried-and-tested way to decrease the amount you pay every year to your insurer.

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  1. Geico - is a great provider in Cali as well as nationally with good service and support.
  2. State Farm - a big player in the state that gets high grades from customers.
  3. Amica - gets very positive marks from consumer and rating firms for their overall performance.

When buying car insurance in CA, there are some things you should know to get the best possible policy at the cheapest rate. Like any other state, coverage in Cali is available in many different packages with various types of coverage. With so many consumers buying insurance online, it's easy to get confused.

If you plan to compare online agencies, you must be sure the company offers coverage in your state and provides the type of coverage you need. Otherwise, you can easily compare companies locally to find one that meets your needs. And of course, we make that easy for you.

Before you begin your search, you should take the time to know the insurance requirements in CA. This will make sure you have all the coverage that's required by law.

What Are the California Auto Insurance Laws & Requirements?

California (and every other state) has its own laws concerning auto insurance, so familiarize yourself with these before comparing agencies. Some things to know include the statutory minimum liability coverage limitation, how to obtain a certificate of self-insurance from the Department of Motor Vehicles in California (if you own a fleet of 25 or more vehicles), and what type of coverage is required from your lending institution. The minimum limits of liability are required for all automobile drivers and/or owners.

If you own a vehicle but do not drive it, you are still required to have liability insurance.

There are stiff penalties for nonconformity to California insurance laws. Also, having liability coverage protects you if an accident occurs that is deemed "your fault".

If you don't have this coverage and damage someone's car or if someone becomes injured or killed, you will pay far more than the insurance premiums. It's not worth the risk.

So you should give this option real consideration when making your decision. In fact, it should be mandatory for you and anyone else in your family.

Coverage Not Required

Some types of coverage that are not required by California laws include comprehensive coverage (for theft, weather-related damages, fires, etc.), uninsured motorist insurance, additional medical coverage, and collision. Collision coverage is often required by lenders if you buy a new or used car and finance it with a bank or other lending institution.

Though these types of coverage are not required under California law, they are often well worth the investment on newer models, sports cars, or classic cars even if you don't owe money on the vehicle. If you own one of these types of cars, you should get some or all of the options listed above.

How to shop for the cheapest car insurance quotes in California ...

When shopping for insurance, compare car insurers both locally and online. You can find great bargains on insurance by simply comparing insurers and what they offer.

Consider the policies, types of coverage, and premiums for each. Ask about discounts and find an agency with affordable car insurance quotes and a good, solid reputation. If buying online, visit California-based discussion forums and ask around to get suggestions on online companies. Online auto insurance agencies can sometimes offer better rates if they operate mainly online.

They don't have to pay for fancy buildings or a very large staff, so they can pass these savings on to you. But on the other hand, you have to watch out for fly-by-night companies that promise the moon today, but are gone tomorrow. You can easily check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) Online if the company has been in business a while. When buying from a start-up company, be prepared to switch quickly (or have a back-up plan) in case the company goes out of business.

Get Everything in Writing

When buying any car insurance plan in California, be sure to get everything in writing. Ask for a copy of your complete policy and read it thoroughly to learn about the coverage.

Also, obtain as much liability coverage as you can afford - better to be safe than sorry. Before making your first premium payment, read your entire policy and ask plenty of questions. Some companies will require you to pay by direct withdrawal from your checking account or using recurring credit card billing.

If this is so, be sure to get an exact date of payment in writing to avoid confusion. Buying insurance is an important step both financially and legally, and should never be rushed. Knowing what you need is the first step to buying car insurance in California or any other state.

For more info about being insured in CA, check out the state auto insurance website.

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