Washington Car Insurance with Great Rates and No Long Process

car-insurance-washingtonMany insurers don’t expect you to shop around in the state of Washington for car insurance quotes, so they won’t give you their best offer initially. But if you show them a quote you got from another firm, they will then try to match or beat that quote.

It’s competition at its best. And it works in your favor. Once you have a car insurance quote from one insurer, you should use that as leverage. Use it to drive prices down. Use it to force insurers to come forward with their best offer.

By making it faster and easier to get more than one quote, we give you the leverage you need to get the best deal. Without that leverage, you’ll be stuck paying a higher price for your auto insurance in Washington.

So use the companies we have carefully selected for you below to get a few quotes and radically improve your chances of getting the lowest rate. These insurers have a reputation for giving their customers the best rates and exceptional service.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Washington State

By getting a quote from the insurers listed here, you’ll be in much better position to shrink your yearly insurance bill, while still getting all the protection you and your vehicle deserve.

Pemco Car Insurance – is a large insurer that takes pride in being from the Northwest. With superb rates, a unique approach, and an unwavering commitment to service, they have become consumer favorites in Washington and beyond. They have offices in Lynnwood, Seattle, and Spokane. They offer you the convenience of getting a quote right on their website, by phone, or at one of their branches. This is a quote you’ll want to get because they can offer outstanding rates to drivers in the Northwest.

Geico Car Insurance – you can’t go wrong by applying with Geico and seeing what rates they offer for Washington car insurance. More times than not, they can beat the quotes of most other insurers. A great method for getting the best rates from other firms is to apply to this company first. Then use the quote from Geico to extract the other insurer’s top offer. It’s easy and it works. By the way, they offer a plethora of discounts. So be sure to ask which ones you qualify for.

Insurance Unlimited – they are agents that offer insurance through some of the biggest carriers in the Northwest. Having a broker compare rates for you is part of any good insurance buying strategy. It will only take one phone call to see if they can find better rates for you through their network of carriers. You might be surprised at the kind of deal they can find for you and your family members. They currently operate in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. And they are based in Lakewood, WA on 8239 Steilacoom Blvd. SW.

You should be able to find some great quotes from these car insurance companies. And don’t forget to ask about the discounts you may be entitled to.

Quick Car Insurance Safety Tips for Washington Residents

What’s the first thing you need to do when you’re involved in an accident? The common-sense approach is try as much as possible to alert other drivers on the road by putting your hazards on and lighting a flare further down the road.

Then, help anyone in need and call the police and/or emergency medical services. After that, without risking any more harm to yourself, try to take some pics of the damage to your vehicle.

Make sure you obtain all pertinent info like names and phone number of anyone who witnessed the accident.

Get the name of any other party involved and their auto insurance info.

Also, make sure to jot down the name of the police officer who took your statements.

An important aspect to remember here, is to only talk about the accident with an officer and your insurance company representative.

Washington Car Insurance Laws

washingtonIf you are living in Washington, it is important that you get to know the laws and regulations that govern the car insurance policies in the state. You want to know these things because there are several methods available for you to drive safely on state roads.

And if you are not eligible to pick one method you can pick another. Carrying liability insurance is a must in WA. By liability insurance it means that you will need to have insurance that covers the costs of bodily and property damages caused to other parties in accidents.

It means you have enough Washington car insurance coverage available to cover the costs of damages to others. The key word there is others. That’s who will be covered under the state minimums.

You are not covered under liability insurance. To cover yourself in case of an accident, you will have to buy additional coverage.

Now, if you want to have auto insurance, it must cover the bodily injury or death of 1 person per accident by at least $25,000. If more than one person are injured in one accident, the coverage has to be at a minimum of $50,000. For one accident, the property damage coverage cannot be less than $10,000.

All of these numbers show how much coverage you are buying to compensate others in accidents.

When you get auto insurance, you are given the auto insurance identification card. This card has to be presented whenever a police officer asks you to pull over.

You will also have to make sure that you are carrying with you the latest card that is active. If the card is expired, it is like having no card at all.

Alternatives to Getting Auto Insurance in Washington

You can drive on Washington roads without carrying an insurance coverage by getting what’s known as a certificate of deposit.

While this is an alternate option to carrying an insurance policy, it is in no way a cheap auto insurance option in Washington. The application form to get approved for certificate of deposit is available on the department of licensing website of the state Washington.

After you have gone through the process of being approved for depositing the certificate of deposit, you will have to arrange $60,000. This is the amount that has to be paid as certificate of deposit.

Now, if you are stopped by the traffic police, you will have to present the proof of your certificate of deposit. You will receive a certificate number when you deposit the required amount.

This certificate number can be presented to the police officer when you are pulled over.

Beyond the minimum liability insurance that is required by Washington state, you can carry additional coverages such as collision, comprehensive and underinsured motorist coverage.

These coverages are highly recommended for you because they will cover your bodily and property damages when you are involved in an accident.

Getting the Most Out of Your Coverage

As we have stated throughout this website, getting a rate quote from a few different companies is the best way to keep your costs down. But what’s equally important is knowing how much coverage is needed for your driving circumstance.

If you’ll be insuring a vehicle that doesn’t have much monetary value, then you probably won’t need comprehensive Washington car insurance coverage.

You might not even need collision coverage. But if you want the peace-of-mind of being covered if something major happens to your vehicle, then you’ll want to consider those 2 options. Again, it’s up to you. You have to make that all important decision.

This guide gives you most of what you need to make that decision. Another great place to find the info needed to make that decision is the state’s insurance website.

There, you can learn more about the different coverages that are available to you. And you can learn about all the other coverages you may not know exist.

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