Shortcut to the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Michigan

Find the best Michigan car insurance quotes for you.We spend so much of our waking hours working. Most of us work hard for our money and the things we own.

So when you choose the wrong insurer that doesn’t give you the cheapest car insurance quotes in Michigan, you end up giving some of your hard-earned money away.

You basically allow another company to take what you worked so hard to get. But when you choose the right car insurance company and you get the best rates you can possibly get; your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

You reward yourself by having more money left over at the end of the month. And you reward yourself further by using that money in a way you’ll really benefit… when you buy something you need or enjoy.

We specialize in helping Michigan drivers reward themselves. We do it by providing you with a shortcut to finding the companies that help you keep more of the money you worked so hard for.

Getting the Best Michigan Car Insurance Quotes

We searched the internet high and low to find cheap car insurance quotes in Michigan from the top companies. We looked at what other residents in the state had to say about the good companies.

Here’s what our research found…

Auto-Owners Insurance – receives praise from Michigan residents in online forums as well as review sites. They can provide policies at a lower cost than many of the other companies. In fact, most of the larger firms don’t like providing insurance in the Wolverine state because they are a no-fault state. So the larger companies hike their rates to protect themselves from having to pay lifetime medical benefits as a result of the no-fault law.

Farmers Insurance – from many of the reviews we observed online, they were rated highly for their rates in Michigan. Some people in these online forums say they’ve cut their insurance bill in half thanks to Farmers. They even beat out the bigger, more well-known insurers on price and service. For these reasons, they are as good a place as any to begin your quest for the cheapest quote.

Chubb Insurance – another insurer that gets high praise from consumers for their ability to deliver great pricing even in a no-fault state. Numerous other Michigan auto insurance review sites have them highly rated for a reason. Their site is easy to navigate and easy to obtain a quote from. So learning whether they can save you money is a breeze.

L.A. Auto Insurance – don’t let the name fool you. Their corporate headquarters is in Royal Oak, MI on South Main Street. If you’re looking for a more local type of car insurance company to do the searching for you, they are the ones you should try. They can search for rates from most of the big insurers as well as some of the smaller ones.

There you have it. Four great places to start the ball rolling with your comparison of companies. Never forget that comparing your quotes from multiple companies is the only failsafe way to get a cheap rate.

Michigan Auto Insurance Laws

The no-fault guidelines are what the Michigan auto insurance laws are based on. What does that mean exactly? It basically means that no matter which person is at fault in an accident, your no-fault insurance pays for things like medical expenses and the damage you cause to someone else’s property. It even pays you for wages you might have lost if you were unable to work because of the accident.

Of course, some of this coverage comes with restrictions. For example, the amount of lost wages you are paid might not be equal to what you are getting paid from your current job.

The amount is set every year on October first. You can check the Department of Insurance and Financial Services to see what the current amount is. It’s usually the first link on that page and is described as the Annual Adjustment of the Maximum Work Loss Benefit.

The document is in PDF format and can be viewed online.

As you probably already know, every driver in the state must be insured. The following guide will show you what the minimum requirements are.

Here’s what the basic no-fault policy must have for you to be on the road legally…

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
  • Property Protection (PPI)
  • Residual Liability Insurance

That’s all you need. That’s all that’s required of you by law.

The 3 Main Parts of Your Minimum Requirements Explained

Now let’s look at each one of the three main sections of coverage to see what they cover and whether you should get more auto insurance coverage in Michigan than the basic policy requirements.

The Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

This first part of the coverage is simple and straightforward. It takes care of your medical costs when you’ve been involved in an accident. It even covers any family member that lives in the same home as you regardless of whether they have no-fault coverage.

Additionally, this portion of the insurance policy pays for lost wages that may occur because of an auto accident. In other words, if you miss work because of a car accident, your insurance will pay for those lost wages up to a certain amount.

The amount is set every year by DIFS and you can check their site to view this amount.

Property Protection (PPI)

Another vital part of your insurance protection is PPI. This part of the coverage pays for the destruction your vehicle causes to someone else’s property like a storefront, a wall, a building and even something like a fence.

However, this isn’t the part of your required car insurance in Michigan that pays for the repairs to your vehicle if you cause an accident. That would be covered by collision or comprehensive coverage.

But collision and comprehensive coverage aren’t part of the minimum insurance requirements. And you aren’t required by law to have either coverage. You would have to add one of those to your policy by asking your agent to do so.

This is a very important aspect to remember when shopping for insurance. Auto repairs are not included with a basic, minimum policy.

There are 3 different types of collision coverage you can choose from. Your insurer will be able to breakdown the benefits and shortcomings of each one of them to you before they give you a quote.

In the meantime, here’s a chart with a brief explanation of collision coverage…

Michigan collision car insurance basics.

Who pays for the damage you cause to another person’s car when you’re involved in an auto accident? Well, if the other person doesn’t have collision coverage, and the investigation finds that you are more than 50% responsible for the accident, you can be sued.

One way to protect yourself against that is to get what’s known as Mini-Tort Limited Liability Insurance. You should ask your agent about this option.

Residual Liability Insurance

This portion of your Michigan car insurance policy will cover bodily injury and property damage. It shields you against someone else suing you because of an accident unless one of the following has occurred…

  • If you are the cause of an accident in which another person has died, was hurt badly, or was maimed
  • If you get into a crash in another state
  • You are the most culpable in a collision that damages another vehicle and the other person isn’t covered by insurance, they can sue for up to a thousand dollars
  • If you are involved in a crash in Michigan with someone from out-of-state who is in a car that is registered in another state or U.S. territory.

If one of those scenarios applies to you when you are involved in a collision, then you can be sued. Otherwise, you’re protected from auto insurance lawsuits in Michigan.

There are minimum limits which you must purchase for each one of these types of coverage. These minimums are known as 20/40/10. What do those numbers represent? Here’s the breakdown…

  1. Your insurance company pays up to $20,000 for anyone who was hurt, maimed or killed
  2. Your insurer will pay as much as $40,000 if more than one person was injured
  3. Your insurer will pay as high as $10,000 for destruction to property you cause in another state with your vehicle

Sometimes, a judge in a case will order that more money than these limits be paid out to people who are hurt in an accident. Unfortunately, you would be responsible for paying any amount after those limits. That could mean a serious financial loss for you and your family.

Should You Increase the Coverage on Your Car Insurance in Michigan?

Many Michigan residents consider the minimum limits to be inadequate. It can leave you vulnerable financially. You can wind up paying a lot of money out of your own pocket if you get into a serious accident.

So what can you do?

You can simply increase your coverage of each limit to guard against this nightmare scenario. It’s worth it. Surprisingly, it doesn’t cost as much as people originally think to raise those limits.

And the extra protection can be a financial life saver.

All you have to do is ask your insurer about buying additional auto insurance liability coverage in Michigan. Ask them what the total cost of your insurance bill will be with and without this extra coverage. You may be surprised at how little the difference really is.

But how much extra coverage should you get? A good starting point would be 100/300/100 or something in that range. Again, just ask the insurer how much this would cost to add to your policy. Once you know that, you can then make an educated decision.

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Where in Michigan are Your Looking for Car Insurance?

Are you a resident of Detroit? Maybe you’re a nurse doing most of your driving in Sterling Heights?

How about a construction worker in Grand Rapids? Wherever you’ll be doing your driving in the Wolverine state, you can minimize your costs by simply following the suggestions in this guide.

So whether your car will be cruising through Lansing, Flint, Ann Arbor or somewhere else in the state, getting Michigan car insurance quotes that save you more is well within your reach.

Especially when you use the internet to get the job done. But none of it happens unless you take the time to compare more than 2 companies. That’s the not-so-secret to saving on insurance.

Make insurers battle one another for your hard-earned money. And you should take that approach every other year to make sure your current insurer is being fair with you.

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