Score Cheap Car Insurance in New Jersey Twice as Fast

New Jersey car insurance that makes sense.If I were to tell you the companies listed on this website have cheap car insurance in New Jersey and the quotes you’ll get are better than every other insurer, you probably wouldn’t believe me. You’d be sceptical.

So I’m going to do something much better than that. I’m going to show you how to prove to yourself that you’re getting the cheapest rates.

Here’s all you need to do…

The second you get a quote from one of our insurers, go to a company in your county or local area and get a quote from them. Compare the 2 quotes.

Better yet, go to other websites and get car insurance quotes in NJ from additional insurers.

View those quotes against one another. You’ll be able to tell at once whether the insurers listed here have the best deal for you.

It doesn’t get any easier. This simple and painless test shows you whether our companies give you the lower-cost rate. I’m confident they will.

The Best Insurers in New Jersey

The following insurers are known for having great service and cheap auto insurance in NJ. To see if your getting the lowest rate, all you need to do is compare their quotes to other insurers in the state.

Here’s our choice…

NJM Insurance Group – For four consecutive years, this company has taken the top spot in the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance “Consumer Information Report” that assesses the legitimate complaints against insurance companies. Coming in first for 4 years straight is a pretty impressive achievement. Clearly they do right by their customers and have good prices too.

State Farm – Because of their size, they can offer fantastic rates. And they have branch locations throughout the state. So if you encounter a problem with your policy or need help after an accident, they are easy to get a hold of. And their easy online application helps you quickly see what your rate will be.

Geico Insurance – They frequently make the top 10 list on many websites for good reason. Along with their pricing, they are an easy firm to deal with if you get into a fender-bender and really need the assistance of an insurance company. You should ask them about the discounts they offer. If you qualify, you can add to your savings.

Any one of those companies can help you reduce your insurance costs.

Cheapest Auto Insurance in the Garden State

Simple way of saving on auto insurance in the Garden State.Looking for car insurance in Bergen County NJ? Hudson County? How about Essex, Camden or Morris County? This site can help you hold onto more of your money no matter where in the Garden State you live.

So whether you’re navigating through historic Jersey City, Newark, or the famed Jersey Shore, the companies and tools listed here make it easy for you to save a bundle of money in a matter of minutes – not hours or days like the old way of shopping for vehicle insurance.

If it’s North, Central, Southern or Western NJ you call home, you’ll find all your insurance needs right on this page. No need to negotiate with a number of different agents over-the-phone or in person.

And there’s no need to skim through a bunch of different sites to find the info you’re looking for. You can get all of your questions answered here.

From Paterson to Union City, from Monmouth County to Middlesex County, saving money has never been easier… or faster… or more convenient. Let’s face it, shopping for the best car insurance in our densely populated New Jersey is nothing short of a hassle.

But with a little time, and the right information, you can save big. We provide the right info and a great place to start your search for the best company. All you have to do is put in the little bit of time that’s required and you’ll be on your way to getting auto insurance in New Jersey at affordable rates.

Tips and Tricks to Reduce Costs

What are some of the things you can do to save money on car insurance? Most experts recommend the following advice:

  1. Learn your insurance needs first. Resist the temptation to get a policy just because it’s cheap – there’s plenty of that already in this state. Research your needs first, and then you’ll be truly happy when you find the right one you want at the right price.
  2. Naturally, avoiding accidents and speeding tickets is a great way to keep your costs as low as possible. Whichever company you apply to, they are going to check your driving history in NJ and surrounding states. So having a clear driving record is important for maximizing your insurance savings.
  3. Shop every one to three years. If you have a good policy, keep it that way by looking at your insurance company’s competitors every few years. If your insurer thinks that you might slip away as a customer, they won’t risk the chance to raise your premium.

These tips only scratch the surface when it comes to saving money on New Jersey car insurance. There are many other things you could do to bring your costs down even further.

What Are the Insurance Laws in NJ?

Before you shop for any kind of insurance, it’s crucial to be aware of what the legal state requirements are first. The requirements in New Jersey are as follows:

Every motorist in the state must be insured. If you drive a car and are uninsured, you could pay fines of up to $5,000, have your license suspended, and even face jail time for two weeks. Check out our NY auto insurance page if you plan on moving to that state.

In the Garden State, two main auto insurance policies are available for you to choose. They are:

  • The Basic Policy – This policy is the most affordable, but it offers less coverage. It includes $5,000 property damage liability if you’re ever involved in an accident, $15,000 personal injury protection for every individual involved in the accident, and up to $250,000 for severe injuries like brain damage. This policy also includes a Limited Right to Sue option, which allows you to sue the person at fault for certain injuries, such as loss of a body part, severe disfigurement, or a death.
  • The Standard Policy – This policy costs more but provides better coverage. You get all the coverage listed from the Basic Policy above, plus $15,000 of bodily injury liability for each individual for an accident and $30,000 bodily injury liability for multiple injured people in an accident. The bodily injury liabilities will help pay for any injuries sustained by the people not in your car if you cause an accident (anyone outside your car involved in the accident). The Standard Policy also allows you to choose either the Limited Right to Sue or the Unlimited Right to Sue options. The Unlimited Right to Sue gives you a broader range of rights to sue for a higher premium.

From these two main insurance policies, you can also choose other options like coverage for vandalism, rental car use, and setting your health insurance as the primary source for your medical coverage.

Whichever policy you decide to choose, getting cheap car insurance in NJ will only happen if you make the effort to get a quote from more than one firm. It’s really that simple. If you don’t make that effort, then there is a good probability that you will be paying more then you need to.

You’ll basically make some insurance agent extra commission checks because he or she was able to get you to pay more. Instead of giving them bonus checks for getting you to overpay, why not take the time out to compare insurers? It’s worth it.

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