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Arizona-car-insuranceAchieving value for money is important, especially when you’re on the hunt for cheap car insurance quotes in Arizona. But balancing price against quality service is also critical for drivers if they are to have peace of mind when driving (or when an accident happens).

Knowing how to sort through providers in terms of their reputation for good rates, good customer service, and how their existing customers would rate them is very important for Arizona drivers.

Having an insurance policy which fits your situation just right, from an insurer in which you have confidence is crucial.

The insurer you choose should meet the following criteria…

  1. Dependable and trustworthy
  2. Give cheap auto insurance quotes
  3. Is highly rated by existing customers

Those are the 3 main qualities to look for in an Arizona car insurance company. And those are the three main qualities we used to find the best insurers in AZ that we reveal below.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Arizona

To maximize your savings and put as much money as possible back in your pocket, get car insurance quotes in Arizona from any or all the companies listed here.

State Farm – is a nationally known company and they also give Arizona drivers great rates. Their handling of customer inquiries is also highly regarded. Those 2 things are why they get such high marks in the state. And they cover all of the Grand Canyon State. So whether you live in a city like Phoenix, or a more rural area, you can apply with them and be assured of their low rates and smart policies. They make a good starting point for anyone’s auto insurance comparison shopping.

American Family Insurance – is another insurer worth getting a quote from. Not only will you get quoted a fair rate for your auto policy, they also off extra services. For example, they give you the opportunity to sign up for their emergency roadside service. This type of added coverage is great for when you’re stuck on a highway or any other road within the state. On top of all that, they also offer plenty of discounts for people who qualify. You just need to ask. These are just a few of the reasons they made it onto our list.

Auto-Owners Insurance – They’ve been around a long time (since 1916) and offer up some of the best quotes available in Arizona. They pride themselves on making the whole process of getting a rate quote super-easy and pain free. Like the 2 companies listed above, they offer a plethora of discounts such as safe driving, multiple vehicles and paid in full discounts just to name a few. They also have plenty of agent throughout the state that you can talk to. Or you can get a quote right on their website.

Get More Value from Your Auto Insurance in Arizona

Taking a balanced view towards price and service when deciding on an Arizona auto insurance company guarantees you get the best of both worlds.

This pragmatic approach to the AZ insurance market is a common sense one. It takes account of the adage that cheapest is not always best, but also ensures that drivers are not left paying too high a premium simply because they have failed to shop around.

While getting quotes is a straightforward matter, it can be harder to get a feel for quality. And that’s where we come in. We’ve carefully chosen companies that have a solid reputation for both cheap rates and superb service. A positive experience when making a claim is just as important as paying rock bottom rates. After all, what good is a low rate if you’re not taken care of when you really need your insurance coverage.

For this reason, we believe it is important to balance price considerations against those of quality service and coverage. If you’ve been with your existing provider for several years, you are more likely to find the exercise of researching other companies at renewal useful.

On top of potentially saving money, it also focuses your mind on what is currently needed from a policy, and it encourages you to check whether your existing coverage remains suitable.

Arizona Car Insurance Laws

AZ-car-insurance-lawsIf your new to the state, or want to refresh your memory on the laws that govern drivers in AZ, then you’ll find the following information useful.

Knowing what’s required of you by law when it comes to Arizona auto insurance is very simple. You need bodily injury and property damage coverage. The amount of coverage needed for each is as follows:

  • For each person involved in an accident, you need $15,000
  • For each accident, you need a minimum of $30,000
  • For the property, you are only required to have $10,000

Keep in mind that these are only the minimums required by law.

You might want to get more coverage to protect yourself from a big financial loss in case the accident is more severe.

For example, if you’re in an accident and the damage costs more than the minimums, then you will be required to pay the extra money out of your own pocket. That’s assuming you opted to only get the minimum coverage on your policy. Your car insurance company will only cover up to the amounts listed on your policy.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that minimum coverage only covers other people and other people’s property. It does not cover you or your car in the event of an accident.

To protect yourself and your vehicle, you would need to buy extra coverage like Medical Payments and Collision coverage. So, if you feel that you want or need this extra protection, be sure to ask your insurer about it. They will be able to explain everything to you.

If you have a gap in coverage, be sure to explain the reason why to your agent. Otherwise, they might make you pay extra because of it.

Drive with Confidence

If you get all the coverage you need for you and your vehicle, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Especially if you’ve chosen a company that will do the right thing when the time comes.

And if you stick to the suggestions and companies talked about on this page, then you’ll be on your way to doing just that. Each company was carefully chosen to provide you with cheap Arizona car insurance rates and the service that a good insurer should provide.

But if you truly want to minimize the amount you pay for auto insurance, then looking at the rates from multiple companies is the best way to go. Nothing beats comparison-shopping. Nothing.

So take the time to sift through the quotes of at least 3 companies before making a decision. By doing this, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars each and every year.

I hope this guide was able to help you and has answered all the questions you may have had. Good luck, and happy shopping.

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